Ground floor redesign

A client whom we have previously worked with contacted us with the request to improve their home in London. We are always immensely pleased when a client returns to us and were excited to see their London space.

Designed and built in England, we were not surprised to find ourselves in a quirky yet enchanting house full of light. First logical move was to rethink the space in terms of storage and increase its capacity while keeping the space light and airy. Our aim was to propose a clever solution while keeping some pieces dear to the client and replacing the rest by new ones – either by ready-made units or bespoke furniture designed by us.

Entryway is a very important place in every home as it is the first thing we experience upon entering and the last thing when we are leaving it. In this project, the entryway was one of the places asking for our attention. A small coat hanger was struggling to fit the seasonal clothing of the family of five and similar issue occurred with the shoes which had to be partially stored in the living room. As the space was quite narrow and of an irregular shape, no traditional unit could solve the problem. That’s why we have designed a bespoke entryway unit which provides as much storage as possible for the given narrow space, yet keeping a fluent and airy appereance. In the new modular unit, we have incorporated the Piano Coat Rack designed by Patrick Séha so in case of moving, this designer's piece could be simply taken out of the unit and used in a new home.

The improvements in the kitchen consisted of adding a couple of bespoke storage units to the already existing ones - one to fit above the fridge, one next to the radiator to help store kitchen appliances and other items. We have also redesigned a dining table already owned by the client to make it a lighter and more space-aware piece and used dining chairs manufactured by Mitja to go with the new version. Adding a bit of green to the wall combined with the warm tones of walnut wood and white surfaces created a welcoming feeling to the room.

In the living room, a few storage improvements well done as well. We have replaced an unused armchair to a dusty green sideboard and created a bespoke TV unit to help store children's toys and cover neatly the cable coming from the TV. The colour palette used for the living room are earthy tones of beige, terracotta red and dark brown with a splash of colour coming from green and deep blue. To support client's wellbeing by bringing natural light to the English gloomy days, we have incorporated a slightly unusual item - a lighting solution developed by Light Cognitive.


  • Interior design
  • 3D visualisation