Home away from home

The fact that we had the privilege of a clean start with such a nice space and a client whom working with was a pleasure, made this project one which we really enjoyed working on.

The brief was to create a second home to give shelter during frequent commutes between London-Prague. The preferred base colours were given by the client and other important details such as need for a play corner for the three children or artworks to put on the walls. The family did not need lots of storage therefore we were able to focus just on the essentials in order to make the apartment airy by mostly using pieces with thin legs and structures. Also a bit of wood surfaces were brought into the scene to give it a warmer feel combined with several eye catching illustrations and two large engaging photos of a famous American rock band.

The result is an uncluttered space tinted in grey, blue and green, with a bit of spark coming from the yellow and golden details.


  • Interior design
  • Interior architecture


3-4/2018 | Prague