Home Staging

A professional presentation of a property on the real estate market not only accelerates the selling/renting out process, but also increases its value. We believe we don't have to over-explain the power of a first impression in today's fast-paced world. Home Staging can help you get the first impression right!

The main goal of Home Staging is to prepare an example home which will make the potential buyer feel at home. When? Of course while having the first glance at the advertised photos! The potential buyer is thinking, "Yes, I can imagine that I could live here like this."

By applying Home Staging, it is possible to achieve excellent results.

  • You will make more money (staged properties sell for more).
  • You will save yourself time (staged properties sell faster).
  • You will make your money back.
  • Your interior photos will stand out among others.

Our services

  • Consultation (visiting the property, assessing the state, providing recommendation)

  • Consultation + Home Staging (Consultation including application of the recommended adjustments)

  • Interior shooting of the staged property ready to be listed (10 pieces)

  • 3D Home Staging (virtual staging; creating a virtual model/visualisation of an interior)

  • Furnishing vacant/furnished interior