Home staged studio

When we first entered the flat, we were stunned by the amount of lacquered wooden panelling weighing down the overall feel of the property. Making it lighter and more airy quickly became our main goal.

All the wooden surfaces got sanded and covered with brilliant white and a tad bit of very light warm green. Also some parts were completely removed and newly discovered holes and imperfections behind them were professionally fixed. The kitchen cabinet doors didn’t fit in the new image of the flat so they had to move out of the new custom made set’s way. All doors and their frames were brought back to a fresh new look and feel.

Much of our time was consumed by cleaning/fixing/removing the signs of renovation attempts by the previous decorators. Every wall surface and ceiling was corrected and re-painted, the bathroom received new silicone, countless old paint splatters were cleaned up and even more both functional and aesthetic imperfections throughout the place were fixed. The built in wardrobe unit received a slim and cleaner look thanks to the Japanese curtains.

For the purpose of presenting this property on the real estate market, we furnished it with elegant but light pieces in nordic style in shades of white and gray. As our intention was to show an example of comfort living in this studio, we decided to zonify this place and create separate sleeping, living and dining areas. To make it more cosy, the interior was decorated with flowers and other home accessories.


  • Home Staging
  • Interior photography


1-2/2018 | Prague

Interested in having a look at behind the scenes of this project? Check out our video!