Outside Prague family house

A client who is building a wooden house on a beautiful, slightly descending plot near Prague, contacted us with a request to cooperate on the layout of the ground floor. As this house is a catalogue home, the options were bounded by several limitations (such as the choice of materials, colours, etc.). Thanks to the initial visualisations, it became clear at an early stage that the house simply needs to be bigger to accommodate the furniture already owned by the couple. As a result, not only the dimensions of the house were enlarged but a complete wall section was erased from the architectural plans to gain a truly open space and harmonious connection between the living area and the kitchen. A custom-made library - built out of solid wood planks and concrete reinforcing steel bars - was also designed by us to give the space a bit of industrial feel and vast amount of storage.


  • Interior architecture
  • Furniture design


In realization | Central Bohemian Region