Chocolate maker's stand

This project was our first ever encounter with craft (bean-to-bar) chocolate and what an exciting cooperation it resulted in! We fell in love with the client's concept immediately (and her chocolate) and we have learnt so many interesting things about craft chocolate, its origins and the people behind it, all thanks to this project.

The task was to design an exhibition stand for a trade only Fine Food Fair in London. Our goal was to deliver both visually appealing and functional booth for a 2sqm space in a very short time, while keeping the project budget friendly. The visual concept was based on highlighting the breath-taking greenery and incredible people at the origin of the cacao beans. We also wanted to make the space as functional as possible by creating both sitting and a display / tasting area with sufficient storage capacity needed for brochures etc.

As the client's company is environmentally conscious, we wanted to add this element by using two cardboard stools made from recycled and 100% recycable material and by adding a few leaves to remind the visitors of where it all starts from - the Origins.


  • Interior design
  • Exhibition stand design


8-9/2018 | London